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We are a dynamic and responsive business development programme designed to help London's creative and digital companies collaborate, innovate and grow.


London Creative and Digital Fusion is a tailored programme of interactive and in-depth support.  Are you a London-based small or medium-sized company?  Would you describe your company as creative or digital?  Would your business benefit from 12 hours of tailored support?

We can help eligible SMEs identify business opportunities to help attract new customers, help with planning and realising new opportunities, and help to find additional financial resources.  We can also act as brokers, so you can work in collaboration with others to ensure you get the best return on your investment whilst minimizing risk. 


To find out more, read our FAQs here.



We have a three-point plan to help you achieve business growth:
Inspire, Fuse, and Create. 
We do this by:
•hosting talks and events with inspiring speakers,
•providing networking and collaboration opportunities with other SMEs,
•providing access to experts on emerging trends. 
•delivering 12 hours of tailored support.
•giving you pragmatic advice and dedicated support to help you develop, appraise and implement business and project plans. 
•providing fully funded Awards for 3-6 months projects which will give you access to student resource, academic time, and university resources at Lancaster Management School, Royal College of Art, Kings, Kingston, Goldsmiths, Central School of Speech & Drama, University of London , Queen Mary and Tate.



All this is just the beginning.  When you join the London Fusion programme, our team and partners will take the business-building journey with you.  We’ll also provide dedicated resource to help pilot you through this sometimes tricky process.  We even offer a Design Innovation Award, which can open the doors to world-leading new product research and commercialisation coaching.  You’ll need to be enthusiastic and driven, though, seeking new business opportunities and having the desire and capacity to expand.  If you’ve got all this, and you’re eligible to join the programme, we can help.

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London Creative and Digital Fusion aims to support its companies outside the business, design or collaboration workshops as well as during them. Now it's the time our participating companies are expanding and looking for new people to work for them - and we are very happy to help them grow.


If you are one of our companies who has received London Fusion support and would like to announce job vacancies here, please email and let us know!




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